What is God

What is God

Please use common sense. There are eight billion galaxies or more. Within each, there are an unknown number, probably billions, of stars. This is known creation. The earth sits in the corner of one of these galaxies—the Milky Way. It is the height of folly and arrogance to suppose that any human being or religious institution would have intimate knowledge and be able to identify the creator of our known universe within its concrete form of doctrine and dogma.

In fact, the dogmatic issue of “my god versus your god” has caused an unknown amount of suffering and bloodshed over the millennia. For just one example, “In 782 Charlemagne massacred 4,500 prisoners while others were enslaved or deported. Charlemagne destroyed pagan places of worship and decreed the death penalty for those who refused to be baptized or kept the pagan faith.”[i]

I acknowledge that the Creator, the Unknown and the Uncreated, cannot be identified or imagined in human terms, just in absolute terms, as it is the greatest mystery of all mysteries. I use the term God when referring to the Absolute, the All.

However, I am not referring to the concept of the Christian God—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost—but to the Creator, the greatest Mystery of Mysteries, the Divine, the All, the Absolute, the Concealed and the Revealed, which is both immanent and transcendent and beyond human comprehension.

Thus, God, the One and Oneness of all, the Mystery of Mysteries, which is within us and outside of us, transcends our abilities even as divine human beings to comprehend the essence of what is the greatest mystery of all. God surpasses our dualistic view of reality and is neither male nor female but is the mystery of all that there is. God is love, not fear, both immanent and transcendent.

Divine Humanity’s Philosophical Approach to Cosmology and Ontology Marrying Religion and Science

Science and religion at one time were combined as one study under the name of Sacred Science. This study I continue to conduct. Please understand that with the following, I am attempting to describe an indescribable process of divine creation. Dr. Husfelt

Divine Humanity acknowledges that the Creator, the Unknown and the Uncreated, cannot be identified or imagined by the human mind and cannot be put into human terms, just in absolute terms, as it is the greatest mystery of all mysteries. The Absolute—the All—which Divine Humanity refers to as God, is beyond form and conception, the unmanifest. It is outside of time and space; in a sense it is timelessness.

For reasons beyond what any human mind may comprehend, the Absolute reflected itself—the Reflective Absolute. Philosophically, these are like two multifaceted jewels that refract and reflect in limitless combinations. From the Absolute and its reflection, Reflective Absolute, was “birthed the duality that was nondual”—a void that was not void. Divine Humanity refers to the absolute and the reflective absolute as the great silence (the sound of the Hebrew letter aleph is silence), not the big bang, and the duality that was nondual as the dark ocean—containing the eternal male and eternal female.[ii]

The reflective absolute (divine mind and consciousness) now interpenetrates this voidless void (dark ocean), and creation occurs. The great silence (divine mind and consciousness) has interpenetrated the dark ocean, and the divine is now in triple aspect (divine mind and consciousness, divine spark in the “dark,” divine spark in the “light”).[iii] In other words, from the union of oneness and duality (which is its reflection), we have a trinity.

From this the reflective absolute and the dark ocean (in triple aspect) birth the great sea—the relative universe (seen and unseen). The great sea has wave action or vibration. Within this the absolute is nondual to the relative, spirit is nondual to matter, and divine is nondual to humanity (all things, seen and unseen, of creation—Mother Nature). The divine is in all things (kingdom of God within), and all things are in the divine (kingdom of God without). In other words, spirit is within matter, and matter is within spirit, and all mutually penetrate.

Thus, reality is interpenetrating radical nonduality—oneness. There is no separation between the absolute and the relative, dark and light, spirit and matter, or mind and body. Consciousness permeates and interpenetrates all reality. God is both immanent and transcendent. This may be likened to the realization through religious intuition of the essential oneness of the macrocosm and microcosm. Furthermore, the macrocosm, the universe (Mother Nature), and oneself are essentially one. We are within the universe (Mother Nature), and the universe (Mother Nature) is within us.[iv]

[i] http://bio.sunyorange.edu/updated2/creationism/bad%20religion/3_forced_conversion.htm

[ii] “The most ancient peoples believed that God gave Revelation, and was the One Supreme, the Eternal, the Infinite, pervading all places and exalted in a super-celestial place of Divine Light, that He was spiritual in essence, self-existent, uncreated, yet was made manifest to all as the most tender love and truth, which they received in their lives on earth with happiness and joy. Born of this Supreme One was She of celestial loveliness and purity, Divine in nature, whom they called the Spirit of God, the Dove, the Virgin Spirit, the Logos which is the Word of God, the earliest first Mother, whose name came to represent the essence of all that was beautiful and pure, and of most divine love. She was, in the Talmud, ‘The Spirit of God that hovered over the water like a dove, which spreads her wings over her young.’ She was the Shekinah, a mystic word often variously typified as a Lotus, a Rose, an Egg, and by symbols that were oval, as a Cup, a Boat or a Moon” (E. Valentia Straiton, Celestial Ship of t the North—[1] The Mother Mystery, 6).

[iii] “The solution to this paradox regarding the beginning of creation was that the original divine unity secreted something of his substance, whether as spittle, sweat, tears, semen, or even as the word that went forth from his mouth. The first divine pair, and thus plurality, resulted from this original emanation. As early as the Coffin Texts, this process was described with a ‘trinitarian’ formula: ‘when he was one, when he became three.’ Multiplicity and the plurality of divine forms were thus derived from an original unity” (Erik Hornung, Akhenaten and the Religion of Light, 91–92).

My solution to the paradox was that the original divine unity, the Absolute, reflected itself – In this way all things are a reflection of the Absolute or God—not just humans but all things.

[iv] “We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us” (Neil deGrasse Tyson, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/12/most-astounding-fact-universe-neil-degrasse-tyson_n_1339031.html).