Burning Water

Burning Water

The awakening quest in life is to wash by fire and burn by water. This is a metaphor, and a reality, of the joining or blending of the two opposite elements of purification symbolizing a state of radical nonduality. Symbolically, this merging of fire and water represents spirit permeating matter. And, “there is proof that the dynamics of the union of two opposites is at the basis of all creation, spiritual as well as material.”[i]

To awaken our spark within our bodies composed of approximately 60% water requires a prolong period of our sacrifice of our self-to-our self to release the fire within where it merges with our watery body—an interpenetration of spirit and matter. One example of a sacrifice of self-to self is bathing. Much bathing over many years will assist in awakening our inner fire or spark.

There is a power, a force that is the single, dynamic, sacred power or energy that is the unifying totality of all things— a universal life force. It’s in constant movement, eternally self-generating and self-regenerating while encompassing and interpenetrating the whole cosmos. It is immanent and at the same time transcendent. This power on a personal level is the inner heat generated by the shaman released in some cases by bathing.

Interesting enough, the feeling is one of icy fire. The first time I experienced it coursing through my body, I thought I was having a heart attack. This is the power of creation as witnessed by the Norse creation myth of the blending of fire and ice.

A balance between the merging of spirit and matter is the “key to life”—to a life lived in love and power. “The body ‘buds and flowers’[ii]  only when the spirit has been through the fire of sacrifice; in the same way the Earth gives fruit only when it is penetrated by solar heat, transmuted by rain. That is to say, the creative element is not either heat or water alone, but a balance between the two.”[iii]

[i] Laurette Séjourné, Burning Water, Introduction, 99.

[ii] Flower Heart (One of Three Pillars of Light of Divine Humanity)—always expressing love from the heart and letting others, as well as ourselves, view the beauty and the divine perfection that is the true essence of our hearts. Smell is a powerful sense. With a Flower Heart, our fragrance is pure, sweet, and soothing to ourselves and others. The Flower Heart is also the Lily or Lotus Heart.

[iii] Laurette Séjourné, Burning Water, Introduction, 99.