Books by Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt

Books by Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt

Do You Like Jesus – Not the Church?

At their heart, religions are supposed to reflect the first knowledge, a perennial philosophy of universal values, themes, and principles. Jesus understood this. Christianity does not.

Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt boldly asserts that Christianity is built on a lie—a lie that runs counter to Jesus’s teachings. Comparing Jesus’s words to the spiritual and metaphysical beliefs of the world’s indigenous peoples, Husfelt reveals how seamlessly Jesus’s teachings blend with perennial philosophy—and how understanding this moves you closer to divine truth, even as you move away from the church’s restrictive, manipulative worldview.

Bold and revealing, Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church? offers an opportunity to rethink the complex relationship between Jesus and the self-interested organization whose lies distort Jesus’s very nature. Free yourself from the lie and discover the powerful, inclusive, and egalitarian truth that lies beneath— Jesus’s true message: the kingdom of God within us and outside us.

Return of a Green Philosophy

Life today is complex and often overwhelming. Values espoused by modern western societies seem to be in direct conflict with the values needed to restore harmony, love, and kindness to our relationship with the earth and with others.

If you seek a deeper level of understanding—and practical, commonsense direction for finding your way toward wisdom—then join Dr. JC Husfelt for an in-depth exploration of the ancient Norse-Germanic tradition—and the tremendous wisdom it offers for living in harmony with nature.

An experienced mystic, cultural explorer, and shaman, Husfelt believes that a return to a green philosophy is needed. This is an egalitarian green philosophy of humanity’s partnership with all things of the earth and nature. This concept played an important role in the Norse-Germanic mind.

Join us in this quest by embracing the wisdom of Óðinn, the power of Þórr, and Freyja’s power of nature.

The Return of the Feathered Serpent – Shining Light of “First Knowledge”

 “The Return of the Feathered Serpent refers to the prophesized return of the ‘messenger.’ The prophetic theme of a returning cultural hero is one of the most enduring myths known to humankind. At all times its impact and importance is due to the message of hope and renewal that the hero brings to a gloomy world locked away, as always, in the shadows ruled by fear. In a monumental and epic time of need, the hero re-appears. To the Mesoamericans, their returning prophet or cultural hero was known as Quetzalcoatl—the Feathered Serpent….”

Dr. JC Husfelt brings a mythic story of his own true adventures in Asia, Mesoamerica, South America and the Pacific Islands of Hawaii. In 1993, on the Big Island of Hawaii, JC had a vision—a voice from heaven revealed that he was the Morning Star. As the Morning Star, he is the “bringer of light,” the prophet and the messenger. To the Mayas, the Morning Star is Ahzab Kab Ek—the star that awakens Earth.

I Am A Sun Of God And So Are You

Prophetically profound, I Am the Sun of God arrives at a most propitious time in human history, as religious dogma is threatening to engulf our planet in a never-ending series of Holy Wars driven not by enlightenment, but by fear and lust for external power. Dr. JC Husfelt, spiritual teacher, scholar, visionary, healer, and initiated shaman brings back the lost knowledge of the prophet Jesus to awaken Humanity to its Divinity. The ancient, yet startlingly simple wisdom at the core of this book has the power to transform the world by uniting spirit and matter, religion and science, divinity and humanity. The “Sun of God” is the Light-bringer who will re-ignite the divine spark in us all.