Song of Creation

Song of Creation

Was there a Big Bang? When our consciousness is dualistic, our thoughts that flow from this consciousness give birth to theories that are materialistically and mechanically based on a single reality of an observable seen universe. Based on this, the universe is seen as a machine. But, what if the universe is mind/consciousness composed of an unseen world that permeates our seen world? Then there is no singularity to be termed the Big Bang (most assuredly a term coined by men). How then, did it all begin?

If not a Big Bang, could it have been a Reflection? Look in a mirror; what do you see? People are obsessed with their smartphone’s ability to capture pictures and video. And what is a picture—nothing more than a reflection of a moment in time.

Not Image but Reflection

Words have power. They influence and may impact a person’s core beliefs such as the Biblical rendering that humans are made in the “image” of God. Which infers that everything else in creation is lesser than…

But what would be the impact on people’s dualistic consciousness if that was not true that we are not made in the “image” of God but we are a “reflection” of God (Absolute, the All, the great Mystery, the Uncreated and Created, the Concealed and Revealed) and so is everything else in creation!

The Paradox of Creation

Past cultures such as the Egyptians have attempted to solve this paradox concerning the beginning of creation by stating that the original divine unity or One secreted something of its substance such as spittle, sweat, tears, or, semen. The first divine pair, and thus plurality, resulted from this original emanation. This leads us to the concept of the “One and Many.” In simplified terms, this ancient philosophy of unity and multiplicity or the “one and many” means that the One, God or the Divine, is in all things, and all things are in the Divine. This is the mystery of God as the all-originating first principle, which includes all multiplicity and the multiplicity that is included in the unity. In other words, spirit is within matter, and matter is within spirit; all mutually penetrate. Thus, reality is interpenetrating radical nonduality—oneness. There is no separation between the absolute and the relative, dark and light, spirit and matter, or mind and body. I explain this concept fully in Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church?.

My Solution to the Paradox

I resolved this paradox by my belief that we are not made in the image of God or the Absolute, but we are, as are all other things of creation, a reflection of the original divine unity. Instead of a substance, such as semen, it was the reflection of itself that then produced creation. Thus, the first divine pair, and thus plurality, resulted from the original emanation. (1 + 1[Reflection] = 2, 1[reflection] + 2 = 3) This concept of reflection is indicated in the first letter of the Jewish Alphabet—Aleph. I explain in detail the birth of the universe (seen and unseen) in Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church?.

And when the Absolute reflected itself, the vibration “sang and chanted” creation into existence—the music of the spheres. And thus it began as the “Song of Creation.”

The Reflection of the Absolute or God is within all Things.

Since all things are sentient in essence, maybe the next time you want to pray to God consider sitting in front of a tree and then speaking your words and thoughts from your heart to it. And besides, being in nature will help de-stress your body and mind!