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Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt, author of I Am a Sun of God and So Are You, The Return of the Feathered Serpent, Return of a Green Philosophy, and Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church?, is a philosopher, mystic, and exemplary prophet.

For over thirty years he and his wife, Sher, have taken adventurers far traveling to discover the mystery, myth, and spiritual lore of indigenous cultures throughout the world. They have far traveled across the Americas to the icy plateaus and volcanoes of Iceland, through the windswept barrens of the British Isles and the Orkneys, and across Norway, Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Polynesian Islands.

JC’s teachings grew from his firsthand experience with the Otherworld, multiple cultures and their spirituality.

Truth – Is Personal From Our Heart

Truth – Is Personal From Our Heart

The following is excerpted from Do You Like Jesus – Not the Church? Written words, especially words thousands of years old and not in the original language, can lead to various interpretations. Add to this the manipulators of word and fact. As we have seen, wrong translations, personal agendas, lies, and manipulations of truth have caused much suffering and bloodshed over the centuries—a fact still true today. What then is the truth? I believe our truth comes from knowledge, the…

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