A Revolutionary Worldview

A Revolutionary Worldview

The true essence of every religious system lies in the revelation of an individual soul closely bound to the soul of the cosmos: it has to do, in other words, with making man divine. (Laurette Séjourné, Burning Water)

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars. (Serbian Proverb)

The mother sea and fountainhead of all religions lie in the mystical experiences of the individual. All theologies, all ecclesiasticisms are secondary growths, super-imposed.

—William James

Divine Humanity (humanity represents not only the human race but all things of creation) is a living spiritual philosophy, a green religion, and new consciousness. It is a pure religion of the people, by the people, and for all the people. Divine Humanity is a religion of philosophy and a living, personal (not institutionalized) religion. As a world philosophy of awe and a religion of equality and simplicity, it conveys a love for all forms of life and acknowledges everything in creation as divine as well as honoring its own unique intrinsic expression. Therefore, not only is every human being a divine human with an intrinsic human expression and the light, holy spark, of God (the Great Mystery, the All, the Absolute – not the Christian concept of God) within, but all trees, for example, have the divine spark within them and in their intrinsic expression may provide food and shelter for us and for other creatures of the earth.

Divine Humanity is based on the concept of nondifferentiating knowledge. This is the knowledge that fuses into nonduality all dichotomies, such as subject and object. In other words, Divine Humanity is not based on dualism. Its foundation and Revolutionary Worldview is interpenetrating radical nonduality—oneness. There is no separation between the absolute and the relative, dark and light, spirit and matter, or mind and body. The most profound and essential nature of things is not distinct from the things recognizable by our senses. In other words, our sacred selves and our profane selves are nondual and interpenetrate; likewise, all other sentient beings’ (things’) sacred identities and profane identities are nondual and interpenetrate. This is true oneness.

There is no separation; no dualism—just two aspects of a single reality. We may be enlightened and deluded, even defiled and pure at the same time. An example of this is discovered within the biblical myth of Samson—the honey (pure) within the carcass of the lion, or beast (defiled). And of course, we have the lotus that lives in mud (defiled) but opens its beauty (purity) as the light of the sun awakens it.

There is proof that the dynamics of the union of two opposites is at the basis of all creation, spiritual as well as material. (Laurette Séjourné, Burning Water)

The morale and ethics of Divine Humanity are built on the relationships between people and all other things (self and other). There is no good or evil in its own right, but actions may lead to good or bad, or evil, consequences. There is no original sin, only original divinity. Every individual is responsible for his or her actions and has to bear the consequences.

Briefly, Divine Humanity, an ecological and egalitarian philosophical religion, is based on a partnership of nature (a green religion), equality, and a partnership of self and other.

A Pure Religion

Social and economic problems are very important issues that must be addressed by any religion that is pure and true. In addition, I believe the present and the past social and economic ills sprang directly from the dogma and doctrine of institutionalized religion.

A religion that represents all people needs to embody social and economic concerns that focus on equality for all. This religion would need to acknowledge the equality and intrinsic value of all things on this earth based on the divine consciousness of love.

A Green Religion

Someone who has not found the vine cannot pick the fruit and someone who has not “found” the Earth cannot plant the vine! JC 1997

The essence of Divine Humanity is intimately entwined with the natural world. Everything is connected to everything else and all existence is alive and conscious. Divine Humanity is a Green Religion and affirms a Green Philosophy. In general, the color green symbolizes spring, paradise, reproduction, initiation, joy, abundance, prosperity, hope, and immortality.

Green is the earthly color of Divine Humanity with gold as its heavenly color—Green/Gold. Green refers not only to Divine Humanity being an ecological religion but as well a religion of the heart. Green is the color of the heart chakra. The heart is the balance between heaven and earth energies while green is the mid-point of the color spectrum.

Nature in partnership is one of the hallmarks of Divine Humanity. It acknowledges the equality and divinity of nature and the realization that humanity is not above nature, as a steward, or below nature, at the mercy of it, but is one with nature and in partnership with the earth in co-creating a paradisiacal state of being, for all life.

A Spiritual Philosophy (based upon self-transformation)

Divine Humanity is a spiritual philosophy that attempts to understand and explain the mysteries of life and creation. It is based on first knowledge or first principles. It is not solely based on earth knowledge, like the earth-based philosophies and religions, nor is it solely based on the heavens, like institutionalized religion.

Divine Humanity is based on both the earth and the heavens and is experiential and transformational in content. It is a stellar religion. Divine Humanity is a spiritual philosophy, and it may also be a personal religion that is based on one’s truth found within one’s heart and mind. It is not based on faith, dogma, or doctrine.

New Consciousness

Life is not about sin or guilt. Life is about awakening—awakening to a new consciousness that the divine is in all things, that all things have consciousness, and that we are divine human beings born in love and perfection. Our awakening gradually occurs with our realization of the oneness of subject and object.

The Divine Spark

Divine Humanity believes that each and every person has an immortal spark within him or her—an indestructible seed of divine light, starlight, the divine immanence. This indestructible seed of divine light may be likened to a mustard seed within our hearts. This divine seed of immortality or spark, which sometimes may be referred to as the divine golden dew, constitutes the soul—an eternal spark in its essence, since it is a fragment of God, and immortal.[i]

This is our sacred self. This inner, indestructible seed of light, that settles over and interpenetrates our DNA as divine golden dew, needs to be awakened, to grow in its brilliance, and to be brought to the surface until its radiance spreads to all others and to the world. This is our luminous body that grows within and shines without. In so doing, our relationship to ourselves and to all other things of the world is transformed from being based on fear to being based on love.

In All Things

Divine Humanity believes that the divine light of creation, this immortal spark, is within all things of creation—all sentient beings (all existences such as flowers, dogs, trees, fish, worms, and stars) throughout the universe. This is sacred identity.

Humanity—Unique Intrinsic Identity

Every human being is unique with an intrinsic worth and identity. This is our profane self. In addition, every flower, tree, and animal (all sentient things of creation) is unique with its own intrinsic worth and identity. This is profane identity.

A Diverse Humanity

Humans are divine as well as intrinsically unique in all facets—some may choose to fish, and some may choose to build bombs. Still, our divinity is within us, even as it remains hidden. This is diametrically the opposite of Christianity, where each individual is intrinsically sinful.

Does Everyone Have a Divine Spark?

Yes, but unawakened. Even though we are born with this divine light of creation within us, our divine sparks stay hidden until awakened. This is the work we must do. We must awaken our sparks and then grow these indestructible seeds of light.

A New Consciousness: Interpenetrating Radical Nonduality—Our Oneness

Our sacred selves and our profane selves are nondual and interpenetrate; similarly, all other sentient beings’ sacred identities and profane identities are nondual and interpenetrate. This is true oneness. In addition, Divine Humanity believes that all things of creation have an interconnected consciousness. This consciousness interpenetrates all things in and of creation.

Divine Humanity believes that the relative world of our everyday experience and the absolute world of the divine are inseparable aspects of a single reality. The relative and absolute are nondual.

Oneness means that the body and mind are nondual. Because of the fusion of body and mind, the attainment of awakening is not effected in the mind alone, but is also equally realized in the body. Spirit and matter are not separate from each other but interpenetrate—blend together.

Our individual sense of reality (of separateness or duality) is just an extension illusion of our basic core sense perceptions. Our eyes perceive separation between us and all things viewed. This constant reinforcement tricks us into thinking and believing we are separate and islands unto ourselves. Reinforced by messages from childhood, we build stronger and thicker walls around our islands to protect us (the unhealthy ego). This core belief leads to behaviors and actions based on fear and protective neurosis of the unhealthy ego. Constant vigilance is needed to overcome and release our dualistic thinking, dualistic believing, and behaviors that are attached to this false paradigm of dualism.

Keeping in mind that all things have consciousness, a behavior to adopt is to talk either silently or out loud to things other than humans, such as trees, flowers, and animals. During this communication imagine that each of you have a divine spark within, and understand that any feelings of love, sadness, or even hate will be felt not only by you but also by it.

Oneness means that the world of physical phenomena is non-dual with the Otherworld. One of the best ways to understand this philosophy is by working with the elements especially Fire and Water. Divine Humanity recognizes six elements. Six is the first number of perfection. According to Biblical mythology, the world was created in six days. Order involves numbers, and among numbers by the laws of nature, the most suitable to productivity is 6, for if we start with 1, it is the first perfect number, being equal to the product of its factors (i.e. 1 x 2 x 3) as well as made up of the sums of them (i.e. 1 + 2 + 3).

The six are: earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness. Divine Humanity believes that all things of creation have consciousness, which interpenetrates the other five elements. These five elements are physical as well as metaphysical.

The preceding is excerpted from Do You Like Jesus—Not the Church? Jesus: His True Message Not the Lie of Christianity.

[i] I use various symbolic words to describe the fragment of God or the Absolute within us, as purely written or spoken words alone are inadequate to express the Absolute.